Flexible Endoscope Repair

Lex-Tech can repair all makes and models of Flexible Endoscopes.  When Lex-Tech receives a scope for repair our Technicians put each scope through various tests to determine if any of its components are not within specifications.  We will then make recommendations to our customers as to what repairs need to be done.  Once the repair is approved we can usually turn minor repairs around in 24-48 hours, mid-range repairs in 3-5 days and complete overhauls in 7-10 days.  When the repair is completed your scope will be put through the same tests as when it came in to ensure the scope is back to specifications and patient ready.

Rigid Endoscope Repair

Lex-Tech can repair just about every make and model of Rigid scope.  Your scope will be brought back to original specifications by one of our highly talented technicians who have years of experience.  All models that are laser welded together will be put back together after repair using our state of the art laser welder.  Most repairs are completed within 24-48 hours after approval but if a loaner is needed we have a variety of scopes to let you use while yours is being fixed.

Power Equipment

Lex-Tech can repair all types of Large or Small bone hand pieces, arthroscopy shavers, air hoses, System 4/5 batteries, air hoses and accessories such as reamers, drills, burr guards, etc.  We can even repair high and low speed dental drills from a variety of manufacturer’s.  Most repairs can be turned around in 48-72 hours and loaners are available.


Lex-Tech can repair all makes and models of cameras including the latest HD technology.  All cameras that are autoclavable will be laser welded to be brought back into its original specification.  Repairs include cable replacement, prism repair/replacement and coupler rebuilds.  Most repairs are completed within 7-10 days after approval and loaners are available.

Phaco Hand Pieces

Lex-Tech can repair all makes and models of Phaco hand pieces and bring them back to their original specifications.  When a phaco comes in for repair it is generally in need of a complete overhaul due to the Piezo Crystals failing or a broken cable.  We can also repair diamond knives, micro forceps and sharpen your delicate micro scissors.


Lex-Tech can repair all hand instruments such as scissors, clamps, forceps, needle holders, etc.   We can also repair all specialty instruments such as sheaths, resectoscopes, arthroscopy punches and graspers, lap chole, cardiac, ophthalmic and much more.  All repairs are inspected when they first arrive to see if there are any cracks, pitting or any other defects that would make the instrument unusable.  Most repairs are turned around in 3-5 days but we do accept rush orders at no extra charge.

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